Accuracy of Results

WellnessFX does not perform the laboratory testing.  We partner with the largest and most prominent CLIA-certified labs.  Since we do not perform the testing, we can not comment on the laboratory technique other than to say these labs perform regular quality assurance testing and are the same labs many physicians use to perform their testing.  In addition, like other biomarkers, including blood pressure, heart rate, etc, many blood tests can vary significantly between tests.  If you want to find out more about the laboratory technique, we would be happy to provide you with their contact information.


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    Who do I contact on the demographics my weight is incorrect my weight is 235 lbs

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    Michael Claugus

    Yeah, someone input my height as being 8'7" I am 5'7" this will affect my BMI and likely other metrics. Please contact me to let me know how I can rerun this data for accurate results.

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