Where are My Results?

Typically, results are available for viewing 3-7 business days after your blood draw. If it has been more than 10 business days since your blood draw and you have not received your results please submit a customer support ticket here


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    Richard Mecham
    The answer is not helpful. I still don't have any idea where my blood tests results can be found. This article just says if you have not received your results but it does not say where to expect to get them. I.E. is it in in an email? Found somewhere on this site? I still don't see my results anywhere and haven't seen any emails so I'm still at a loss as to where I find these results. I'll poke around the site a bit more and then probably submit a customer support ticket if I can't find it.
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    I have not received my results

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    Consuelo Policarpio

    It's been 7 days since my blood draw
    No result yet. Your website is not just reliable and no Customer support to answer our questions. You only have FAQs

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    Bradford Glaser

    After having completed about a dozen blood draws with WFX over the last four years, I would say the 3-7 day estimate is not typical. I have found that results take 10-12 days to appear on the WFX website. Usually my results appear on the Quest website in about 7-9 days so you may want to check your lab company first. I would suggest WFX reconsider their estimates.

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    I am going on 3 full weeks without my results. I have sent 3 messages to WFX for answers, and the only response that I have gotten is that they are working with the lab. I do not think that Im being reasonable in saying that waiting 3 weeks and still no results is unacceptable.

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    Devan Schulz

    First time user and this is a terrible company. 2 weeks later they called to discuss my results but wont release them to me. I called and emailed...two days later...no results and no response.

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    Zdzislaw Marcisz

    I've used WellnessFX for over 4 years with excellent lab turn-around (3-5 days). My recent labs were submitted more than 7 days ago and after 2 inquires - no response from the team! Disappointing to see such a well run company underperforming on results and support.

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