Is WellnessFX Available Where I Live?

WellnessFX diagnostics can be done in any U.S. state where we are open. 

WellnessFX is not open in NY, NJ, RI, MD, ND, SD, or HI. 

All diagnostics will be done at a Quest Diagnostics. Click here to find the nearest lab. 


*We will make any announcements about availability on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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    Allan Lamothe

    Your profile page doesn't seem to be accepting my Canadian address????

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    Max Richardson

    Is Quest Diagnostics in the UK? I found the UK company... Different logo, same domain:

    I messaged them and they said they don't do lab tests - where is best in the UK to get a blood test? And what type of blood test would be best to upload to the WellnessFX dashboard?

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    Colin Peake

    This info would be helpful for me too. Do you have any plans to add this service to the UK?

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    Andrea Calhoun

    Do you have plans to open a Quest in Hawaii? Apparently where I work just contracted with Quest and there are nine here!

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